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Multi-Rock II

Multi-Rock II is a DDS controlled frequency source for
use in FAT5, RAT5 or general purpose experimentation

Download the full manual [here]
Basic Features (tbc)
Frequency range :  10kHz  - 60MHz
Outputs : bi-phase 600mV p-p sine wave
and 5V p-p square wave
Memories : 48
Tuning rate : 10Hz, 100Hz, 1KHz, 10kHz or 100kHz selectable
Receive Features
Osc : Settable IF offset
x2 and x4 multiplier (SDR)
Display : Settable frequency offset
Transmit Features
Osc : x2 and x4 multiplier
PTT Control : Two pre-tx sequenced outputs with
settable delay 0-150ms
Per Channel
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